Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pride of Texans

Having lived in Texas for most of my adult life, I call Texas home. I LOVE Texas and mostly understand the deep passion one has for the state. But at some point the love goes a little too far! 

While browsing through Deseret Industries the other day this item ( insert    picture that husband will take and email) stood on the shelf as a pillar of light shown down on it and a band began to play, ok not really but it just stood out on the shelf as something I just had to give to my husband who owns a Texas Barbecue place as well as will never deny his devotion and love of the state.

Though at  what point is the love of a state taken too far?
When you have salt and peper shakers?  I don't know they are kind of cute.
A Boot painted like the flag and fake blue bonnets put in them?
Or  what might call an over the top Texas pride Christmas ornament??? 

I don't know.

What tacky Texas Treasures have you found? Do you own something tackier than this?  Did you see something tackier than this on a shelf?   I'd like to see them, I'd  love to have them!  Please email me  if you'd like to share your Tacky Texas Treasure with me!

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