Sunday, December 27, 2009

Look What I found?

As I was taking down my very own Christmas tree, hiding behind some ribbons and lights, was a red shapped Texas ornament.  I have a few others that I like, well a bell and a Texas in more deep warm colors (I should of snapped some pictures of them), this one was bright red, with the words the Merry Christmas Y'all....but the best part was the little smiling face with google eyes on it!  I have no idea where it came from, or who gave it to me, and if you did I do love it, but just have to add it to my Tacky Texas Treasures!  Is it too early to hang it up at the restaurant??

If you have some Texas Shaped Items that you would like to donate to our collection Please let me know!! 

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Need your Help!

Search your closests, DI, Goodwill, Salvation Army, your parents basements, and find us your Texas Treasures.  Maybe you got a Texas shaped tray for your wedding, or when you moved from the state you got a Texas shaped hat, you got something Texas shaped, stamped or painted...I know they are out there and I know you have one or have seen one.

 Lets see your Tacky Texas Treasures. 

You can mail them to us or even bring them into our restaurant for a free dessert.  We would love to display them! 

235 South 7400 East

Huntsville, UT, 84317
thank you and happy hunting!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pride of Texans

Having lived in Texas for most of my adult life, I call Texas home. I LOVE Texas and mostly understand the deep passion one has for the state. But at some point the love goes a little too far! 

While browsing through Deseret Industries the other day this item ( insert    picture that husband will take and email) stood on the shelf as a pillar of light shown down on it and a band began to play, ok not really but it just stood out on the shelf as something I just had to give to my husband who owns a Texas Barbecue place as well as will never deny his devotion and love of the state.

Though at  what point is the love of a state taken too far?
When you have salt and peper shakers?  I don't know they are kind of cute.
A Boot painted like the flag and fake blue bonnets put in them?
Or  what might call an over the top Texas pride Christmas ornament??? 

I don't know.

What tacky Texas Treasures have you found? Do you own something tackier than this?  Did you see something tackier than this on a shelf?   I'd like to see them, I'd  love to have them!  Please email me  if you'd like to share your Tacky Texas Treasure with me!